Divination = Query. Query = way to gain insight using a standardized process or ritual. Typically, this method of query manipulates random facets of existence (rocks, stones, coins, cards) to generate insight into a problem at hand.

Divination Systems (Div/Sys) compress random signals from the universe into bit-sized meaning. Div/Sys represent the connection between human transience and universal forces.

Digital Divination_101 is our first inquiry into digital Div/Sys (Dig/Div/Sys). Human fortunes are read using the most ancient of Div/Sys: the i-Ching, and uploaded onto a digital platform. Dig/Div/Sys shapes a network of your future(s) by interfacing with your i-Ching hexagram.

Watch for Gaia’s response.

GAIA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (GaiaIT) imagines objects and scenarios for a cyberfeminist future. GaiaIT orients itself perpendicular to what appears to be a neoliberal and patriarchal approach to human interaction in digital spaces. We create digital experiences, opportunities, enhancements, spaces, objects and expressions shaped from a-gendered semantics.