about the show

this show takes inspiration from the i-ching (book of changes, aka changes), a divination manual and philosophical text addressing the constancy of change and the eternal concerns of timing and timeliness. the changes serve as a guide for making sense in a uncertain world and confronting inner tumult with wisdom. gregor spamsa and friends invite you to consider change in its mysterious and manifold forms.

an evolving cast of artists, presenters, and shape-shifters:

jackie wang, ricardo de lima, erik p. kraft, emily garfield, ryan kuo, catherine siller, kevin frances, colin mcswiggen, julian arni, my ngoc to, ricky orng, ellie kitsch, helen miller, peter davis, paul vankoughnett, amy wang, charles talbot, anthony fischer, katya popova, elizabeth watkins, nadege r-r, gaia it (noah kelley, emily royall & julia litman-cleper), hongye wu, sami giarratani, trevor wallace, alahna watson, gregor spamsa, and more.

about the curator:

gregor spamsa (글해골 스팸사) is a millennial shaman and existential creepy crawly to guide you through the times we’re living in and to help define what the times are. in another life, spamsa has served as an intergalactic conduit for awesomeness, and seeks to make sense of the world while exorcising oppressive forces from it by making moments in space and time for creative interaction.

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