1. Make 2 points on the paper at the distance from each other.
2. Connect them with the straight single line.
3. Choose one color pencil for both, points and line.

Process of drawing the line:

Look for a second at the point of departure (first point), then only look forward, towards the point you are going to while making the line. Feel how the hand impulse/movement comes from the shoulder, not from the wrist.

Line qualities:

Thick, thin, light, heavy, straight, dark... Or can be from dark to light.

Possible visual outcome:

3D cloud structure

From the ”Point and line to plane,” Wassily Kandinsky, Munich, 1926:

“The geometric point is an invisible thing. Therefore, it must be defined as an incorporeal thing. Considered in terms of substance, it equals zero... ...Thus we look upon the geometric point as the ultimate and most singular ”union of silence and speech”. The geometric point has, therefore, been given its material form, in the first instance, in writing. It belongs to language and signifies silence.”

“The geometric line is an invisible thing. It is the track made by the moving point; that is, its product. It is created by movement – specifically through the destruction of the intense self-contained repose of the point. Here, the leap out of the static to the dynamic occurs... … The forces coming from without which transform the point into a line, can be very diverse. The variation in lines depends upon the number of these forces and upon their combinations.”

Katya Popova is a Russian born visual artist, performer, and educator living and working in USA, Boston. She studied at Rhode Island School of Design and Boston University. Katya is a multimedia artist. She is interested in performance and improvisation, as well as traditional mediums.

As an accredited instructor, Katya is currently teaching at Boston Conservatory, and has taught courses on art and design at many universities and schools such as Rhode Island School of Design, Boston Architectural College, Massachusetts Institute of Art, and New England School of Design.

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