I should have been an architect or a fashion designer but instead I just own a Blankie. I am forever searching for such human spaces within the world. I steal from architecture and garments. I tell lies about furniture and objects in order to blur the boundaries between disciplines, there by crafting an alternate truth.

The use of these overlapping visual languages allows me to explore how we embody memories and the everyday. My drawings with materials are fragmented realities that must be reconstructed by the viewer.

Intuitively, I am creating a new architecture of intimacy.

Nadège Roscoe-Rumjahn: Originally from Montreal, Canada. A string of impulsive decisions, missteps and uninformed choices have most recently landed me in the Boston Area. I am relentlessly searching for answers to every and all questions within the overlaps of architecture, fashion, objecthood and craft. I hope to find a place where the human body fits, where an intimate moment exists. Ultimately I want to recreate the undying love and obsession I feel towards my blankie. http://www.nadegerr.com/