This project was conceived in Florence, Italy, under the prompt of representing variations.

There are three ways of seeing involved:

  • Seeing through the photographer's eyes.
  • Seeing through your own eyes.
  • Seeing through the eyes of the people who were photographed.

What's at stake here is the way in which we perceive others, and how this perception informs the way our own image is received by others.

Not for sale // please touch, turn, and look at the contained photos

Hongye Wu is a senior at Tufts University studying Political Science and Art History. She co-leads the gallery program for EMW Bookstore in Cambridge. She focuses on social issues that reveal the bigger structural and systematic landscape of the society through photography. Her favorite Instagrammers include Nayyirah Waheed (the poet who tells the self-loving truth in a most beautiful way) and Frenchiebutt (the cutest French bulldog). She strongly identifies with the notion of multi-local persons by Taiye Selasi due to her personal experience of constantly traveling, living in multiple countries within different cultures, and developing anti-normative narratives.