Elizabeth has been thinking lately about how knowledge changes. She drew a series of pictures. She thinks of drawing as a process of both physical and mental cognition, of inscription and projection.

She drew pictures of three artifacts owned by a university museum.

There are two birds. Long since having gone through a mortal change, they are now deceased. Their bodies are housed in the museum and their digital likenesses are kept on the museum servers, as photographs of the birds can be found in the institution's digital catalog of specimens.

The third drawing is of a sort of magnifying glass: a tool for looking. This tool isn't used anymore.

These three pictures are brought together as a way to think about structures of knowing, how these structures change over time, and how their representations are housed, hosted, and moved.

Elizabeth was born in 1984. She currently lives in New York City. http://cargocollective.com/ElizabethAnneWatkins